George Canyon

George Canyon
Multiple Juno & CCMA Award winner

“ I am a traditionalist myself and love the fact that these proud hatter have been around since 1919 and have a history of furnishing gentleman with dress hats to straw ‘working’ hats and everything in between that a hatter can provide. Quality and comfort are guaranteed with a Smithbilt hat, and that makes me feel good”


Gord Bamfor

Gord Bamford
2010 CCMA Male Artist of the Year 

“I have been wearing Smithbilt hats now for a number of years . After seeing with my own eyes how well these hats are built not to mention the great customer service, I would never wear any other product, these hats have helped create and are a huge part of the Gord Bamford image. I wanna say thanks to my good friends at Smithbilt.”


Mike Casey
President - Calgary Stampede

“I have purchased several hats from Smithbilt  and have always found the product first class and the service professional, courteous and responsive. The company and its people truly speak to western heritage and values and are terrific supporters of the community.”


George Brookman

George Brookman
Chairman of the Board of Directors - Tourism Calgary 

“Smithbilt is one of the great iconic brands of Calgary and the Canadian West.  During my term as President of the Calgary Stampede, I wore one of my many Smithbilt hats to places all over the world and always got a lot of smiles from the people I met.  To me, Smithbilt Hats are almost as much a part of Calgary as the Calgary Flames or  the Calgary Stampede itself.”

George Brookman

Vern Kimball
CEO -  Calgary Exhibition and Stampede

I love my new hat! The silver belly hat you made for me is the best cowboy hat I've had in 25 years. 


Mellisa Hollingsworth
Canadian Skeleton Olympic Medalist

I absolutely love my Smithbilt hat! Instead of feeling overwhelmed by trying
numerous hats on, Smithbilt built a hat to fit my features and represent my
style, whether I'm on TV covering Calgary Stampede or on the back of my 
horse barrel racing!

George Canyon

Dave Rodney - Mt. Everest Two-Time Summiteer, Politician, Professional Speaker

Smithbilt’s customer service and product are second to none!  I am proud & honoured to wear a Smithbilt at Stampede Board events, while public speaking, during political engagements, and while riding a horse at our homestead in the foothills of the Rockies.  My wife looks fabulous in her world class hat; and when our sons are old enough, they’ll wear one too.  Do yourself a favour:  get a Smithbilt—you deserve it! 

Roger Rhodes and Hot Rod Harriet
CKRY Drive Home Show

There are hats and then there are Smithbilt Hats - you will never have a better fitting hat.  I am proud to wear a Smithbilt and proud to support a great Calgary tradition.

I just love my new hat - what a friendly bunch of people at Smithbilt - They make you feel part of the family as soon as you walk in.

The Odd Squad
CKRY Morning Show

I have had cowboy hats but this one feels like "my hat" because Smithbilt Made it for me. -Doug Veronelly

Owning a Smithbilt Hat, is like owning a tailor made suit. I love and I can't wait to show it off! -Robyn Adair

Great quality hat! The custom fitting means my hat actually compliments my face. -Dan Carson