Restoration & Cleaning

Do you have an "old friend" that has seen many adventures? At Smithbilt Hats we see many people who bring in their old hat that they can't part with and ask if we can put some life back into it. Of course we can!

We have numerous options available that can give your old favorite hat a new look. Re-blocking, new sweatbands, liners, hat bands and other services are available.

How to care for your Smithbilt hat.

Never lay a Smithbilt hat on a flat surface with the brim down. The brim can lose its shape. Here are good alternatives:

• Lay your hat on the crown, with the brim up.

• Hang it on a hat stand.

• Set it on the edge of a shelf, so the curl of the brim takes no weight.

To store your hat, ideally use a hatbox. If you haven’t got one, make a cardboard ring that will hold the crown snugly, and place the hat in a bag to prevent damage from dust.

Keep your hat in a cool, dry environment. Never leave it in your vehicle.

If you spill your whiskey on your hat, rinse the spot immediately and brush it your finger. Let the hat dry out naturally. Do the same for yourself.

cleaning booking

Price List:


Clean  (Clean, Steam & Shape)


Stiffen & Shape


Shape Only




New Sweat Band Vinyl


1 5/8" Leather


2" Leather


Re-stitch Sweatband


New Lining


New Hat Band 2 Cord




Self band & Buckle


Bound Edge


Pencil Curl


Cut Brim


Eyelets  (3 per side)


Hat Box


Complete renovation