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About Smithbilt

The Smithbilt legend was born in 1919.
A century later it's still a Smithbilt.


smithbilt building

The front entrance of the original Smithbilt Hat offices and factory in downtown Calgary, Alberta Canada. The company relocated to it's present location in 2007.

The year was 1919. After doing research on what type of business to open, a young Morris Shumiatcher went to his local bank and borrowed $300 to buy Calgary Hat Works, and Smithbilt Hats was born.

Smithbilt concentrated on the local market and soon gained a reputation as the best hat maker around. Smithbilt made outstanding dress hats and soon started making premium cowboy hats for local ranchers.


In 1946, Morris created the first white cowboy hat. Little did he know the White Hat would become the internationally recognized symbol of the Calgary Stampede and the City of Calgary. In 1949, Mayor Don Mackay donned a White Smithbilt and on a mission to promote Calgary and began handing out the White Hat to visiting dignitaries. The City of Calgary continues this tradition today.

white hat

The Famous Smithbilt White Hat

Morris' son Judah took over the business and continued the tradition of service, quality, and respect for the people who wear western hats. Responding to growing trends, Smithbilt produced many unique styles and variations on the original western hat.

Today, the company is owned & operated by a group of Calgary area businessmen, all of whom are associated with the Calgary Stampede. Dedicated to the promotion of western values and traditions they are committed to moving the legendary Smithbilt name forward with an emphasis on quality and service

There is a great amount of pride in being part of the icon that has come to symbolize the traditions and hospitality of Calgary and all over the world...the Smithbilt White Hat.

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Calgary Location:

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